Want a quick & easy way to try out FatBug? Maybe you don't have a Trac server yet, or you're just not ready to try it out with your own database.

Simply download FatBug and take it for a spin with our live Demo Trac database. There's 5000 tickets to search, filter on, edit and you can also create new tickets.

FatBug's features at a glance:

Productivity Enhancing Features:

  • Lightning fast powerful search capability
  • Create, update and view tickets, even when offline
  • Hotkey support for instant access to the most common features (open new ticket, search, screen capture)
  • Search tickets by multiple fields including wildcard and fuzzy searching
  • Include/exclude of individual field values
  • Nested hierarchical filter capability
  • Search wiki pages quickly by title
  • Tabbed interface for working with multiple tasks at once
  • Supports multiple credentials and Trac instances
  • Sort by any column
  • Automatically supports custom fields
  • Update multiple tickets
  • Automatically supports custom fields
  • Ticket Buckets for arbitrary collections

For Team Members:

  • Use ticket search to find existing tickets, avoid entering duplicates
  • FatBug gives you full access to tickets when you're offline.

For Team Leads/Managers:

  • Maintain a private set of advanced filters in an intuitive interface
  • Work across multiple bug tracker instances seamlessly
  • Multi-select tickets and create quick HTML emails with links
  • Load a list of tickets from arbitrary text

New to FatBug? Learn more at fat-bug.com

When Setup is done, you'll be hooked up to this Trac:

Be sure to try out all of FatBug's productivity enhancing features.

Learn more about them here:

Uh... What's FatBug?.

FatBug is a speedy Windows desktop client for Trac that increases Trac productivity and makes your entire bug database available locally - even when you are offline.

Learn more at: